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Chaperone Services  

All young performers are required to have a chaperone whilst working. This is to ensure the safety and responsible for the health and welfare of children working on any production. They log the times that children arrive, film, rest or travel to make sure that there are no infringements to the regulations as the rules for child performance are governed by UK Law. 


Mellows Talent Agency are able to offer services if professional licensed chaperones who have been extensive experience and the highest duty of care in looking after our young talent on set and stage productions. 

Our chaperones all have experience of working on professional productions, have enhanced DBS checks, have full up to date chaperone licenses and are trained in high levels of Health and Safety including Coronavirus awareness which can be adapted and specified to each production or shoot. 

Our chaperones have established and trusted relationships with the children and parents which ensures great communication between all parties. 

This familiarity along with the high standard of professionalism and experience will guarantee a quality service, ensure the child is safeguarded at all times and their well-being always being a priority ensuring they are at their very best for their time on set. 

For further information on our chaperone services contact our office on 020 3877 6800 or 

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