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Child Performance License  

A child performance licence is required for all working children in the entertainment industry. This licence is obtained from your local council for each job a child is confirmed for. Mellows Talent Agency gather all the relevant paperwork from parents and the production company to then submit to the council. Some local authorities can complete a licence in 24 hours and some as long as 14 days 

To obtain  child performance licence the following paperwork is required; 

  • Part 1 of licence form (client to complete) 

  • Part 2 of licence form (parent to complete) 

  • Signed self certified medical declaration (parent to complete) 

  • School letter from the head teacher to authorise the day from school (parent to obtain) 

  • 2x passport photographs 

  • Copy of birth certificate or passport 

The above list of paperwork is then  presented to your local authority for the licence. 

A school letter is required to if the work is during school hours and your child will be missing school time. A letter of authority is required from the school to agree to the absence. 

You will only need to complete this application process when your child is offered the job as working dates need to be included on the application forms. 
The licence is only valid for the one job, (unfortunately) the process is repeated every time. 

Some local authorities will offer an open licence for the year. This therefore means that only the client needs to complete part one of the form for each job. 

The following government link will put you in contact with your local authority: 

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