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Persona 2 Innocent Sin !NEW!

Persona 2: Innocent Sin is a Japanese role-playing video game developed and released by Atlus It is the second entry in the Persona series and acts as a sequel to the original Persona. The original version was not localized for western territories, but the PSP version was released in North America and Europe under the title Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Innocent Sin takes place in the fictional Sumaru City, focusing on a group of high school students from Seven Sisters High School. The main protagonist, Tatsuya Suou, and a group of friends must confront a villainous figure called the Joker, who is causing the spread of reality-warping rumors through the city. The group are aided in their quest by their Personas, personified aspects of their personalities. The gameplay features turn-based battle gameplay, where characters use their Personas in battle against demons, and a separate Rumor system, where rumors spread around the city can influence events in the characters' favor.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin

Before long, the protagonist's party members discover the power to summon another side of them called 'Personas,' which they use to investigate the strange incidents around the city, all while facing their own personal demons as well. Time is once again on the march... The only Persona game to never see a formal release in North America is finally here, with new quests, refinements, and more! Contact enemy demons to gain items, tarot cards, and vital information only they have. Negotiate carefully: every demon reacts differently!

When he was a kid, Eikichi was the fat boy in class, and bullied mercilessly for it. You know the stuff he went through; social ostricization, kids pulling his pants down in public, the kind of stuff all younglings have to deal with because there is something seriously wrong with children. Eventually, he decided he had enough of that, so he lost all that weight, started thugging it up, and used his blasted persona to beat down all the normal-powered students and ruled his high school as the Death Boss.

Persona 2 (ペルソナ2, Perusona Tsū?) es un videojuego perteneciente al género de rol, hecho en Japón para la PlayStation, desarrollado por Atlus. Innocent Sin ( 罪 Tsumi ? ) y Eternal Punishment ( 罰 Batsu ? ) son los dos capítulos de la misma historia. El videojuego es una secuela directa de la primera entrega de la saga Persona, con varios personajes de ese título jugando varios roles en ambos juegos.

Situados en la metrópoli de ficción de Sumaru City, Innocent Sin sigue a un estudiante de secundaria llamado Tatsuya Suou. Eternal Punishment, tiene lugar después, aquí se centran en Maya Amano, joven reportera de una revista para adolescentes. Ambos personajes tienen experiencias que transportan a la esfera de Philemon, un ser que existe fuera del mundo y hace vigilia astral cercana a la muerte. Philemonn les otorga la capacidad de convocar a una Persona, un alter ego que se manifiesta como una figura mitológica.

Los nuevos personajes son Katsuya Suou, hermano mayor de Tatsuya y un estricto detective; Ulala Serizawa (quien ya apareció en Innocent Sin), compañera de piso de Maya que tiene problemas con los hombres; y Baofu, un criminal de mala muerte con motivos velados. El personaje que completa el elenco es Tatsuya, la única persona que recuerda lo que ocurrió durante la historia anterior. La trama de Eternal Punishment ofrece recuerdos dispersos y referencias al primer Persona e Innocent Sin

I'm relatively new to Innocent Sin, but about 30 hours in I think I've found a pretty good balance of fighting/contacting in battles. As you probably realize, using Contact to talk to demons and get cards is a useful strategy whenever you're low on SP, as you get it back when you run around. I often find myself in an ideal situation where I'll fight with my personae for a while, and when I get low I switch to contacting to get some cards and some SP back.

The long and short of it is that you should only worry about getting cards and new pesonae whenever you start having trouble, and not sooner. Make sure you don't return any personae that aren't level 8, as that's when you get the best items back. I didn't really start worrying about keeping my personae up to date until around the park which was fairly deep into the game. It's probably a good idea to think about switching out your personae once they hit level 8, though you can still power them up through fusion spells with parameter increases and mutations.

Speaking of which, try your best to finish battles with fusion spells. Water-Earth-Water and Earth-Water-Earth are pretty good early on, as they hit all enemies. Finishing a battle with a fusion spell nets you a small chance to either have a character's persona get their final spells, parameters increased, a 2 rank increase, or a mutation into a different but stronger persona.

Contracts do exactly as you say, and are only useful as far as I know for getting Free Tarots. But Free Tarots are GREAT. I make the majority of my personae with them. It's always a good idea when you're grinding in an area to get a few contracts to get as much out of the process as possible.

For the most part enemies should respond to answers the same, though there does seem to be a small chance they'll respond differently. The way to know which ones to use in the first place are what their personality traits are. Like "Wise" demons seem to like or be interested in Maya's Advice. A lot of it is a crapshoot though, I'll admit. Since you're only going to be training area to area, and each area only has a handful of demons, it's usually not too hard to keep track of what works. Usually it doesn't change on you like it did apparently for you with that Pixie.

New persona can be fused through a method called fusion, which is a staple gameplay element of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Players can perform a fusion with the help of tarot cards, special items obtained through conversing with enemy demons found in random encounters. The conversation system, another gameplay element found in most early Shin Megami Tensei games, is nearly identical to the system found in Revelations: Persona, giving the player the option of several dialogue options used to attempt to coerce demons into providing helpful items, and can also be used to avoid battle completely.

Tatsuya is the first hero in the series to have a canon name and personality, but the weird thing about it is that he still does not talk. This is a recurring tradition in the Persona series, and it does not stop with Tatsuya, despite his status as a major character with a name and important history.

Along the journey to find Joker, Tatsuya is joined by Maya Amano, who is not a high school student but, rather, an adult reporter who is also investigating the Joker incident. What is interesting about Maya is that she is the protagonist of the sequel to this game, Eternal Punishment. As such, her personality and motives are introduced here.

Answer: This is another subjective question, but I will give you my personal opinion. It is a mixed answer for me, and it depends on the person what I would say. If you are a Persona fan or a newcomer who wants to see where the series started, then, yes, I do recommend checking it out.

It's hard to say which game is better - Eternal Punishment has branching paths and a faster battle system, but personally I prefer the characters and music from Innocent Sin. Plus, it's weird for Maya to be a silent character in EP after her loving her infective perkiness, and Tatsuya was much cooler when he never talked - he spends most of Eternal Punishment hopping out of nowhere to be angsty. But they're both excellent games, and taken together, make for one hell of an epic RPG.

When he awakens he encounters the persona-bearing family that supposedly haunts the abandoned factory and is introduced to the Velvet Room. From this point on, he is drawn into a conflict with Rihito and his companions from Nymphéa as more is revealed about his history with Rihito and the incident ten years prior to this surrounding their mutual friend, Mana. 041b061a72


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