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Bad Girls Dormitory (1986) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HD Mp4

Bad Girls Dormitory: A Cult Classic Exploitation Film

If you are a fan of exploitation films, you might have heard of Bad Girls Dormitory, a 1986 movie that features inmates at a women's prison run by a corrupt warden and her gang of sadistic guards. This movie is a cult classic that has gained a loyal following among fans of low-budget, sleazy, and violent cinema. But did you know that you can watch this movie in hindi, and even download it for free? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bad Girls Dormitory, why you should watch it in hindi, and how to download it legally and safely.

Bad Girls Dormitory full movie in hindi free download

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What is Bad Girls Dormitory?

Bad Girls Dormitory is an American exploitation film directed by Tim Kincaid and produced by Charles Band. It was released in 1986 and belongs to the genre of women in prison films, which are typically characterized by depicting female prisoners as victims of abuse, torture, rape, and violence by male or female authority figures or fellow inmates. These films often feature nudity, sex, lesbianism, drugs, and escape attempts.

The plot of Bad Girls Dormitory

The plot of Bad Girls Dormitory follows three girls who end up in a derelict New York Female Juvenile Reformatory run by a malevolent director, Miss Madison, and her gang of sadistic guards. The girls are Paige, who was raped by her father and arrested for prostitution; Marina, who was caught with drugs by the police; and Lori, who killed her boyfriend after he tried to gang-rape her. The girls have to deal with the harsh conditions of the prison, the cruelty of the staff, and the rivalry of the other inmates, especially Lisa, the queen-bee who loves to bully and brawl. They also meet Don Beach, a concerned social assistant who tries to help them escape from the hellish place.

The cast and crew of Bad Girls Dormitory

The cast of Bad Girls Dormitory includes Teresa Farley as Marina, Natalie O'Connell as Paige, Rick Gianasi as Don Beach, Jennifer Delora as Lisa, Donna Eskra as Rebel, Marita as Miss Madison, Rebecca Rothbaum as Nurse Stevens, Rick Anthony Munroe as Doc Johnson, Mark Legan as Guard #1, Dick Biel as Vice Cop #1, Jeffrey Iorio as Paco, David Mlotok as Mr. Garfield, Lynnea Benson as Kitty, Carey Zuris as Lori, Ryan Sexton as Ray, Shawn Carroll as Paul, Sandor Black as Billy, Alvin Hippolyte as Narcotics Agent #1, Ben Lizza as Narcotics Agent #2, Jonathan Butnam as Vice Cop #2, Kate McCamy as Dottie, Parri Shahmanesch as Deke, Cathryn Bissell as Lenka, and others.

The crew of Bad Girls Dormitory includes Tim Kincaid as director and writer, Charles Band as producer, Michael J. Hillis as cinematographer, Barry Zetlin as editor, Timothy Wyman as production designer, John Dods as special effects supervisor b70169992d


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