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Nolan Rivera
Nolan Rivera

Just Got Lucky (12" Remix)

So when Daft Punk announced that they would be handling all the remixes for the singles from Random Access Memories, a lot of people were taken aback. Still, it kind of made sense. For whatever reason, most remixes of Daft Punk tracks tend to fall flat. They always seem to strip away what makes the original tracks unique, and instead just transform them into standard, boring club tunes (Glitch Mob excluded).

Just Got Lucky (12" Remix)

Even if they are just lucky, Big 12 schedule makers might avoid what was the biggest concern with a round-robin schedule and having an immediate rematch in the championship game. A rematch was guaranteed, but there were adjustments to the schedule, such as Oklahoma and No. 10 Oklahoma State (8-2, 5-2) playing Bedlam the first weekend in November instead of for the regular-season finale.

In our case, we got very lucky with timing. We were a company focused on making content for people to share just as the social web came of age, at the moment when Facebook and Twitter and other platforms reached scale, and at exactly the moment when it became possible to build a big publishing company through social distribution. 041b061a72


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