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Prepare manuscripts electronically and submit them using a standard word processing format (Microsoft Word is preferred). Although conversions can be made from other word processing formats and PDF files, the vagaries of the conversion process may introduce errors. Note: We understand that authors may not exactly adhere to our style and the specifications mentioned below when drafting their manuscripts. We will consider manuscripts that do not adhere to the requirements below but if a revision is invited after peer review, authors will need to reformat the manuscript in line with the requirements stated below. Manuscripts should not deviate from word counts, however. We do require that authors use a reporting guideline when writing the manuscript and that they provide the information requested in the cover letter. In addition, if the paper is a report of a clinical trial, the manuscript must meet all the requirements for clinical trials detailed below.

Renee File Protector 1.2 Serial key with 96

Upload text, tables, figures, references, reporting checklists, protocols and statistical analysis plans, and videos that are not part of the main manuscript but are submitted for review as supplemental material. Additional supplemental materials that may be required include revisions with tracked changes, responses to reviewers, consent-to-disclose forms, in-press articles, and license-to-publish forms for those authors opting for open access publication. During the upload process, use file names and labels that will make it obvious what the file contains.

Redundant or duplicate publication is publication of data, tables, figures, or any other content that substantially overlaps with other material published previously or to be published in the future. This includes work published by any author of the manuscript submitted to the Neurology journals. When submitting a paper, the corresponding author must make a full statement to the editor-in-chief in the cover letter about all submissions and previous reports (in any language) that could be regarded as redundant or duplicate publication of the same or very similar work. The corresponding author is also responsible for alerting the editor-in-chief if the work includes subjects about which a previous report has been published or about a manuscript that is under review by, submitted to, in press at, or to be submitted to another journal. Any such work must be referred to and referenced in the new paper and a copy of the material should be included with the submission as a supplemental file. Abstracts presented at scientific meetings, materials posted on preprint servers (if editors are properly notified), and data provided as required to clinical trial registries are not considered pre-published material. 350c69d7ab


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