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Hunter Perez

Let Amp; 39;s Go With Survival! Movie Mp4 Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

He's also good with, and about, his money. As Destructoid's report states, he regularly donates to charities and has spearheaded several fundraising drives, with the World Wildlife Fund and Charity: Water amongst the organizations benefitting from his support. And while he's made commercial deals to plug movies and fizzy drinks in the past, he's not using his platform to, in his words, "max my income." Interviewed by Swedish magazine Icon in 2014, he said: "I think my viewers would call me on that right away, if I did. I've seen other YouTubers start selling and it's a mistake. It's more beneficial to me that my channel grows than it would be to make a few deals." Basically, Felix Kjellberg does not sound like a twat, at all. Sorry, "able to think," but you might want to think again.

Let amp; 39;s Go With Survival! Movie Mp4 Download


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