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New Girl - Season One Gag Reel

Season One is the first season of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" which aired on The CW network. The pilot episode was originally developed by the cable network Showtime who ended up passing on the show. It was picked up to series by The CW network for an initial run of 13 episodes. On Novemebr 23, 2015 The CW ordered an additional five episodes bringing the total to eighteen. The season started on October 12, 2015 with the premiere of the pilot "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" and ended on April 4, 2016 with the season finale "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!". Before the finale aired the show was renewed for a second season on March 11, 2016.

New Girl - Season One Gag Reel


Veep's Reid Scott will play Jess's latest crush on New Girl. The last time New Girl plucked one of my personal under-the-radar crushes out of nowhere and cast him in Jess's love gaze, it was David Walton. Now, it's Scott, whom I have loved since My Boys and followed to Veep (he plays slick strategist Dan). Scott will appear in the season premiere, playing one third of a love triangle involving Jess and guest-star Jessica Biel.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is joining Game of Thrones. Why does her name sound familiar? She's the little Whale Rider girl, all grown up! Perhaps I'm the only one so tickled by this news out of Game of Thrones' Comic-Con panel (click here to see a full list of new characters coming to season five). If I am, let me offer an alternate tickling option: the season-four blooper reel.__

The DVD release of season one was released after the season had completed its original television broadcast. It has been released in Region 1 only, as of September 2, 2014. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material such as audio commentaries on some episodes from the creator and cast, deleted scenes, gag reels and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Supernatural wasn't necessarily one for its comedic side. In fact, the show was renowned for making us cry multiple times throughout its fifteen seasons. But that doesn't mean it didn't have some funny episodes that left us crying with laughter instead of heartbreak.

Why does Dean (Jensen Ackles) drive everywhere instead of flying? Because just like Sam's (Jared Padalecki) terminal fear of clowns, Dean hates to fly. Dean's fear of flying became a running theme throughout the earlier seasons, and it made for some hilarious scenes, but perhaps none more so than in the show's fourth episode.

"Dean, we don't have time for your blah blah blah blah..." Episode fifteen of the show's second season introduced us to a new monster, a Trickster (Richard Speight Jr). Or so we thought. By pitting the brothers against each other, the writers had fun with a story told mainly through a hilarious series of flashbacks.

In perhaps one of the show's most memorable episodes, season four's "Yellow Fever" instantly became a favorite. The episode starts with a panicked Dean seemingly running for his life, and then the camera panned around. A killer Yorkshire Terrier? That's a new one.

How many of you hate clowns? Like absolutely despise them? Well, perhaps no one has quite the fear of clowns as much as Sam Winchester. Sam's phobia of these paint-faced, red-nosed jokesters became a running gag throughout the show, with its first mention in season one.

From killer unicorns to a twenty-foot shark in a ball pit, this episode was one of Supernatural's wackiest. The title card was created specifically for it, with a glittery take on season seven's black goopy Leviathan theme. Ending with Sam spitting glitter after killer clowns exploded on him (that's a sentence I never thought I'd say) and Dean having a good old laugh at his sparkly brother, this was a fun ride.

Dean proudly gives his Braveheart speech before the episode ends with a tribute dedicated to everyone, from Elves to Demigods, who gave their lives in the Battle of Kingdoms. Still in need of an extra giggle? Rewatch the season eight gag reel to see Jensen fall, fall, and fall again, and you're all set. "Go bravely into the next world, fallen soldiers..."

We were well accustomed to the weird and wacky side of SPN by season nine. So when Dean became able to communicate with dogs, it was just another normal-ish day in the world of Supernatural. In an almost Turner and Hooch-type case, a dog named Colonel is the only witness to two murders.

The musical episode gave little easter eggs and throwbacks to previous seasons and storylines. It brought up Adam (Jake Abel) for the first time since season five. The boys' reactions when they discovered everything were hilarious. Dean proclaimed there was no singing in Supernatural, but we beg to differ. Destiel or Sastiel? "Assbutt!" "Idjit!" Ghostfacers and everything in between. This episode was pure chaotic genius in classic SPN style.

This season's eleventh episode opened on a menacing note. As Sam gets out of bed, a dark shadow watches him. The ominous figure follows him down the hall to the Men of Letter's Bunker's kitchen, where a colorful array of cake and candy has been prepared.

Supernatural got away with some pretty crazy shenanigans, some so wacky we can't believe they actually aired on TV. Take this season twelve episode, for example. This week's crazy conundrum? Reincarnated Hitler.

The episode had some funny scenes, but perhaps the most memorable was Dean's face after Sam said, "dude, you killed Hitler." Dean's "I killed Hitler" became a running gag throughout the remaining episodes of season twelve, popping up randomly and bringing a proud giddy look with it, as well as an eye roll from Sam. Did he mention he killed Hitler?

A new meaning to the term "monster of the week." Certainly one for all the comic book geeks and horror movie lovers. From killer ThunderCats toys and flying chainsaws from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, season fourteen's "Mint Condition" gave fans one hell of a Halloween horror kick.

If you want to know why three cast members of the Fox TV series New Girl were up for Emmys last year, just get a copy of New Girl: The Complete Second Season, now available on DVD. With yet another episode last night, New Girl is still cranking out laughs in its third season every Tuesday night. New Girl has become the surest way to get a quick dose of laugh-out-loud humor on network or cable television. The only frustrating thing about New Girl is that each episode is less than half an hour, and it always feels like it is over too fast. And that makes it that much more fun to watch 25 episodes at a few hours per viewing with the DVD set.

Need something lighter? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie star in this holiday comedy about a trio of boyhood buddies who reunite to seek out one last, legendary party on Christmas Eve. Lots of extra stuff here, including the requisite deleted/extended scenes and gag reel, plus closer looks at some of the more memorable sequences and a general making-of featurette. 041b061a72


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