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All Reading Program Software

With only 16% of students reading at or above grade level districtwide, educators at Hemet Unified School District worked together to broaden their understanding of the science of reading and its impact on reading achievement.

All Reading Program Software

If your students struggle with reading, it undermines their education and damages them psychologically. Ultimate Phonics is an effective, easy-to-use program that you can use to help poor readers catch up and succeed.

It can be challenging for homeschoolers to teach children who struggle with reading. Ultimate Phonics provides homeschoolers with an affordable, effective program that makes it simple to teach beginning and struggling readers of all ages to be good readers.

Most students who fall behind in reading never catch up. Poor reading is a problem that holds them back as they get older. It negatively affects their self-esteem, their education and their future prospects.

This is by far the best phonics app I've come across EVER! My son struggled to read for as long as I could remember and I tried almost every program out there including ABC Mouse and Hooked On Phonics. Nothing worked until I came across this app. You guys gave us hope and my son is starting to read better already. He's getting more confident in his reading and doing better in school. I started to get discouraged until I found Ultimate Phonics. THANK YOU!

Phonics is the foundation of proficient reading. Mountains of research has shown that phonics skill is the greatest predictor of reading ability, including fluency and comprehension. Unfortunately phonics is difficult for many people unless they are taught properly.

Ultimate Phonics is a 100% educational program. Its sole purpose is to teach your children or students to read once and for all. In contrast, many other programs emphasize cartoon game distractions and only teach a little bit about reading.

Ultimate Phonics can benefit people of all ages who are beginning readers, poor readers, or non-readers. If you have young children just starting to read you can teach them to be excellent readers at an early age. If you have older children or adults with reading difficulties you can greatly improve their reading ability.

At a low, one-time price for the complete program, Ultimate Phonics is one of the best investments you can make for your students' future. It enables you to give one of the greatest gifts of all: the gift of reading.

Ultimate Phonics is a proven program, supported by scientific research, that has been successfully used in thousands of homes and schools over the past twenty years. We 100% guarantee that Ultimate Phonics will bring major improvements in reading achievement for your children or students.

Struggling learners can use the tools in Read&Write to gain motivation and support to make progress in their learning. Helping them to express themselves with increased fluency and confidence. Helping to improve their reading and comprehension skills, and build their engagement in learning as a result.

Our Learning and Training resources for each product can be accessed at any time on our website. Get up to speed with our software through our learning resources, then verify your expertise by taking part in our certification program.

Our support site gives you access to lots of common questions that other users of our software have about the technical stuff. If you can't find what you're looking for there, then our Tech Support team is on hand at 9-5pm every day to help with troubleshooting or technical problems.

If your child is starting to read on their own, give them access to unlimited books with the Epic reading library. Epic is great for beginning readers, and will grow with your child as their reading improves.

If you want to help your child learn to read, visit Oxford Owl for some amazing, confidence-boosting guides for parents. These guides break down how phonics works, share learning at home tips and explain reading comprehension milestones from pre-k to age 11.

Not everyone learns to read at the same time, and some people encounter more barriers to reading than others. Bookshare knows the most important thing is to enjoy the books and learning, no matter the format.

As a program initiated by Be Reading, The Free Reading Program embodies the overarching mission of Be Reading: to provide free, high quality educational resources for students in the United States, Canada and around the world through online learning.

The Free Reading Program has provided 3,500+ literacy activities to users around the world for the past 6 years. We provide customer service, program updates and tech support to all users. The program is predominately promoted through Rotary Clubs and other local organizations who best understand the needs of their communities.

We are actively reaching out to librarians, community organizations and service clubs to collaborate together to provide the program. The Free Reading Program is used as an at home learning tool for students in the US & Canada, and used in schools in other countries internationally.

Our goal as a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization is to improve and expand the program while fostering partnerships around the world. We would love to hear from any existing users or those interested in learning more.

Our content covers a complete Kindergarten to Grade 6 Reading curriculum that has been used in schools all across North America for years. When parents sign up through your organization, using an enrollment/login system we will provide you, they get instant access to all of the programs from the comfort of their own home.

Your organization will get a custom branded login/enrollment widget you can place on your web site that anyone can sign up through and access our entire Reading program 100% free. This widget will display the number of students signed up through your site specifically along with the total number of students around the world.

  • We will then work with you to drive traffic to your site and promote your organization through social media and other marketing channels to ensure that your campaign gains exposure. You will also get: Sponsor branded landing pages with analytics and technical support.

  • Social Media marketing, monitoring and response services.

  • Monthly Management Reporting.

  • Website and print banners, graphics, etc.

  • Program maintenance, upgrades and program enhancements.

Dyslexia and other reading-based learning disabilities are most common among students. NaturalReader text-to-speech makes learning more accessible by assisting with any reading, taking tests and promoting independence.

Students can have any text they need to read, read aloud to them so they can read along. Having the text provided both visually and auditory, allows the student to focus less on the act of reading, and more on the comprehension of the content. Other features like dyslexia font, flexible reading speeds, and highlighted text also ease the task of finishing readings.

Users can use text-to-speech technology to create voiceover by typing a written script and having an AI voice read aloud the script, just as a human would. Once the script is finished, and a speaker voice and reading speed are selected you are ready to download your script into an MP3 Audio file which can be used universally in videos and other formats. However, not all text-to-speech applications allow for the redistribution of generated audio files. If users plan to redistribute their audio files, they must ensure the text-to-speech application used is built for commercial, business or public use. Examples of Commercial Use:

For over 30 years, Read Naturally's reading interventions have helped millions of students go from struggling to successful. Our programs are created by reading teachers who prioritize the needs of students. We are dedicated to better tools, better readers, and brighter futures.

Early Reading Skills Builder (ERSB) is a multi-year reading curriculum for students who have acquired early foundational literacy skills (i.e., conventions of print, early stages of phonological awareness, some letter-sound correspondence, and some sight word vocabulary) but need extra support to access traditional reading curricula, especially phonics curricula. For these students, some of whom may be nonverbal, there is a need for systematic instruction and text-to-speech software to augment voice during instruction. ERSB is typically used as a blended curriculum. The full ERSB curriculum integrates traditional formats, like books and manipulatives, with the app.

ERSB takes students who have mastered early reading skills to a 2nd grade reading level. Early Reading Skills Builder was created through federal funding for research (ED-IES-11-C-0027).

Knowing how to speed read is one of the best skills when dealing with many different reading materials. One popular way to improve reading speed and comprehension is to use software or enroll in a course.

But with so many speed reading courses on the market, each claiming to be better than the other, choosing the right one might be quite tricky. In this review, we look at 8 of the best speed reading software to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Spreeder (visit website) is an excellent speed reading software app that lets you understand digital content in the fastest way possible using RVSP technology. It also combines these features with multiple expert speed reading courses to improve speed and comprehension.

Iris Reading (visit website) offers speed reading courses people can either attend in person or book online as self-paced video courses. Both types of courses aim to increase speed, improve memory, reading comprehension, productivity and the ability to retain large amounts of information.

Iris Speed Reading has been a popular choice for universities, government agencies, corporations, and particularly individuals who wish to teach themselves to read more effectively. With enough practice and motivation, students should be able to improve their reading performance significantly. 041b061a72


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