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Dirty Lesbian Sex Stories

Dennis is a 65-year-old retired Vietnam Vet romantically involved in a May-Dec. relationship with a 35-year-old member of an off-the-grid lesbian survival community hidden deep in the Rocky mountains...Erotic

dirty lesbian sex stories

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Tattoo 2''To understand the plot of this story you need to have read Tattoo by the same author. This short story is told by those who take part in it. Four people give their viewpoints focusing on an event which three of them experienced. 'The plot includes; Ff, orgy, reluctant, first time, teenage, oral and anal, lesbian, S&M, bond.Erotic

This short story is told by those who take part in it. Four people give their viewpoints focusing on an event which three of them experienced. 'The story contains forced lesbian ... involving teenagers and older women.Lesbian

The last in show! An Angel pays a visit to the main charicter and makes a very...very...very...very...very...very interesting offer. Read the other Deamonology stories first before reading this one...Erotic

This sizzling-hot bundle packed full of over 60 hot, filthy short lesbian sex stories has everything you could want to get you going including lesbian first time, taboo, medical, cuckold, threesomes, bisexual, firewomen, swingers, cosplay, wax play, BDSM, cowgirls, older neighbor, paranormal, coming out, spanking, gangbangs, doctors, vampires, werewolves, space sex, boss sex, and much, much more! You name it, this bundle has it!

Women Friends Plus - A Little Romance (Lesbian Stories)Katie could hardly believe it. There she was, a lesbian. Or was she? Maybe not. It had started twelve years before, having really what was just a...Continue reading

Nips Playing (Lesbian Stories)My gf stayed over the weekend. We always sleep naked whenever together so that we could spent lots of time in lesbian eroticism and mutual masturbation...Continue reading

Please Sit On My Face (Lesbian Stories)Me and my friend Kel are both girls and we were 18 and having a sleepover, for a while I thought she was asleep so as usual I watched porn, lesbian...Continue reading

A delicious bundle of naughty stories including, MFM, MMMF FFM MMF FF cuckolding husband sharing wife rough hard deep from all angles, double-teamed, ganged, outrageous penetrations and creampie finishes inside. Take a peek inside and let your wet naughty night begin right now. Satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy!

Are you on the search for new and fresh sex stories that literally expand the realms of possibility as far as what's kink is concerned?If you've answered YES, keep reading...You've Just Discovered The Richest And Kinkiest Collection Of Raunchy Sex Stories Revolving Around Gangbangs, Lesbian, Taboo, MILFs, Rough Forbidden Adult, Threesomes And BDSM Which Will Literally Get You Turned On In Ways Very Few Things Can!Literotica is hands off on a class of its own as far as building up sexual tension slowly until you cannot hold it any more. With literotica, you get to envision everything as you read the story, something which makes it even kinkier because you can put whatever faces you want, whatever body sizes and other cool features that resonate with your kink until it is just perfect.What's more, you can slow down the story, reread it to replay the images and do all manner of other forms of manipulation to make the story to drive you even crazier! And by virtue that you are reading this, it is clear that you've probably found porn boring and mundane because everything seems so scripted.And if you are into the unusual, nonconventional erotic stuff that, reading them is probably the best way to consume the content!Lucky for you, this book offers just that and more!I know you are probably wondering...Are the stories in this book fresh?Are the stories detailed enough to push you over the edge, slowly by slowly as you build anticipation?Do the stories revolve around different settings and different sexual exploits and fetishes to give you a glimpse or taste of the various kinks out there and possibly get you hooked?Does the book go all out and in detail, without hiding or sugarcoating anything to ensure you are not left hanging?The answer to all these is a straight YES!Follow Pamela Vance Stories as stretch the limits of sexual imagination with BDSM, gangbang, threesomes, lesbian, anal and all manner of out of this world sexual kinks that will literally leave your pants wet as you move across different scenes and settings!Even if you've never been the type for this kind of kink, this book will prove interesting and worth your while, as it will be an instant wetness and boner inducer!Buy it NOW and let your customers Become Addicted to the Incredible Series of Novels written by Pamela Vance!

Please be aware that most of these stories were posted to the Leslita site many years ago. (Original posting dates are shown in parentheses.) The authors may not be readers here, at least not yet. Therefore, comments addressed directly to the authors may or may not be read by them. In any case, enjoy our efforts to highlight the very best of Lesbian Lolita.

We need authors now that we have lesbian lolita up and running again. Yes there have been changes but we could not avoid some of those as the site had not been updated in any from for quite sometime. Please send your stories so we can post them and make that site great again.

Now that Lesbian Lolita is back up and running, do you still intend to bring articles from it to this best of leslita page? While I like the idea of others sorting through a site and telling me what are the real gems, I still suspect that the those with creative writing skills would be better off writing new stories instead of spending their time with reposting old stories.

If I could make a suggestion for a story to be preserved here, the Pretty Little Waif story by Puella Amante is one which speaks to me, and perhaps will to others. leslita/stories/puella_amante001.html

i notice all the stories are not only consentuel but also very cooprative. it would be nice if there was a few of reluctant little girl stories. perhaps a mother taking her daughter for a medical examination and the doctor giving the young girl an orgasum in fron of her very surprised and unexpected mother.

In Dirty Lesbian Sex Stories you will find a collection of forbidden and taboo lesbian sex stories, girl-on-girl, first time lesbian, virgins, BDSM, rough sex, bisexual, orgasmic hot bad girls, lesbian revenge sex, sex in public, and much more.

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Callisto's Dirty Stories was a small archive with "ADULT fan fiction stories involving Callisto, and a cast of many: Lesbian, Hetero, and mixed stories, ranging from the mildly romantic to 'melt-your-teeth' intensity."[1]

That Winning Spirit by Tim Wellman(XL)This is an odd, rather involved story about Callisto returning as a spirit to enjoy her favorite pastime... pursuing Xena. Contains an explicit lesbian sex scene.

Friends, Enemies, Lovers by T.Novan (XLG)This is a terrific story which has Callisto snatching Gabrielle away and taking her to a cabin, then inviting Xena. It is an involving story, which contains explicit lesbian group sex.

Victim Of The Game by Tim Wellman (XG-mixed)Callisto seeks the one thing she desires: oblivion... but Hope and Ares have other ideas. Story contains explicit heterosexual and lesbian group sex, and S/M.

Callisto's Love Puppy by Julia Donnelly and Ellie D. (X*)An amazing romp where every character winds up getting fucked or fucking or both :-) No better way to put it. Contains Joxer, Ares, etc... and is explicit lesbian, het, and gay. The * above means that I don't even have catagories for some of these things :-) A great read!

Perhaps thanks to TV period dramas, the popular imagination may picture the Edwardian era as an idyllic window between the wars, a time of manners and tea on the lawn. But below the surface lies a frenetic and often bizarre age where scientific leaps forward went hand in hand with belief in fairies, and secrets of sex, lies and murder simmered. Across 12 episodes, in this sequel to his Victorian Secrets, Stephen Fry uncovers some of the startling and unexpected hidden histories of the Edwardians.


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