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licence rights can be granted when you offer something to give someone a certain level of access to something you own. in some cases, you may have an agreement with a publisher to give that access to others in exchange for something you consider to be your fair value. a simple exchange is something for something, or something for nothing. but sometimes you have a choice in giving something in return - it's called a licence.


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"a license agreement is an agreement between a person who has a right and a person who wants to exercise it. the type of license that governs access to software is called a software license or intellectual property license. this differs from the types of licenses used in business contracts, such as a sales agreement. in a sales agreement, a party can buy a tangible good (a physical item, such as a car or house). in a license agreement, the parties agree to use software in exchange for something else, such as providing access to something the licensor owns.

a license grants a right to use the copyrighted work to someone else. if you sell copies of the patriot (dubbed from english) movie download in hindi 720p through online or retail sales, you can sell one copy without being required to grant a licence to your customers. the copyright owner might give you a license to sell these copies, or you might have to make a separate agreement with each customer, in which case you need to disclose this agreement or risk a copyright violation.

if you are creating an application for windows on a computer, you have a choice of how much code you want to create. you have the option to create the code in 'cost only' mode. this will cost you a certain amount of money, but you can give the code away as part of your software. you can offer it for free or sell it for a price. in 'cost only' mode, you can use your own copyright to license people to use your code in one way or another. that's why it's called 'cost only' mode. if you can't license your code, then it's called 'license only' mode.

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