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Manavalakalai Yoga In Tamil.pdf

Manavalakalai Yoga in Tamil.pdf

Manavalakalai Yoga is a system of yoga practices developed by Vethathiri Maharishi, a spiritual leader and visionary from Tamil Nadu. Manavalakalai means "the art of mind management" in Tamil, and it aims to help people achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being through simple and effective techniques.

Manavalakalai Yoga is based on the concept of Simplified Kundalini Yoga, which is a form of yoga that focuses on awakening and balancing the life force energy (kundalini) in the body. By doing so, one can experience various benefits such as improved health, enhanced concentration, reduced stress, increased happiness and inner peace.

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Manavalakalai Yoga consists of five main components: physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, introspection and sublimation. These components are designed to harmonize the body, mind and soul, and to help one realize one's true potential and purpose in life.

Physical Exercises

Some of the physical exercises in Manavalakalai Yoga include hand movements, eye movements, neck movements, shoulder movements, spinal movements and leg movements. These exercises help to improve the blood circulation, flexibility, strength and coordination of the body. They also help to prevent and cure various diseases and disorders.

Breathing Exercises

Some of the breathing exercises in Manavalakalai Yoga include kapalabhati, anuloma viloma, bhramari and ujjayi. These exercises help to purify the blood, oxygenate the cells, regulate the nervous system and calm the mind. They also help to awaken and balance the kundalini energy in the body.


Some of the meditation techniques in Manavalakalai Yoga include agna meditation, shanthi meditation, thuriya meditation and thuriyatheetha meditation. These techniques help to activate and harmonize the different levels of consciousness, from the physical to the transcendental. They also help to develop intuition, creativity, wisdom and bliss.


Some of the introspection techniques in Manavalakalai Yoga include analysis of thoughts, moralization of desires, neutralization of anger, eradication of worries and realization of self. These techniques help to cleanse and transform the mind from negative to positive. They also help to cultivate ethical values, emotional stability, mental clarity and self-awareness.


Some of the sublimation techniques in Manavalakalai Yoga include brahmacharya (celibacy), kayakalpa (rejuvenation), siddha (perfection) and samadhi (union). These techniques help to conserve and channelize the sexual energy into higher forms of energy. They also help to attain longevity, vitality, excellence and enlightenment.

How to Learn Manavalakalai Yoga

Manavalakalai Yoga is taught in Tamil through books, audio-visual materials and workshops. One of the most popular books on Manavalakalai Yoga is "மனவளக்கல யக பத்தகம்" (Manavalakalai PDF), which is available for download online. This book contains detailed explanations and illustrations of the various practices and principles of Manavalakalai Yoga.

If you are interested in learning more about Manavalakalai Yoga and Simplified Kundalini Yoga, you can also visit the websites of World Community Service Centre (WCSC) and VISION for Wisdom , which are the organizations founded by Vethathiri Maharishi to spread his teachings and services. You can also find online courses , videos and podcasts on Manavalakalai Yoga in Tamil and other languages.

Manavalakalai Yoga is a simple and effective way to transform your life and achieve holistic well-being. By practicing Manavalakalai Yoga regularly, you can experience the benefits of yoga in all aspects of your life.


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