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Aribam Public Administration Pdf 130 Public administration i

the biggest challenge for public administration is to ensure that citizens are aware of the fact that they have a say in the governance of the country. it is a way of making the citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities. the government has an aim of providing citizens with a better life and a better quality of life. the public administration is not just about economic governance but also has a moral and ethical dimension.

aribam public administration pdf 130

public administration has immense impact on governance and the very life of the citizens. it comprises of every aspect of the entire administration from education to economy to the civil service. the public administration is the base of the authority and the administration. it is the responsibility of the public administration to ensure that the government is effectively and efficiently functioning and provide the best services to the people. the skills and knowledge of the officers are highly essential to the public administration. they should be capable of planning, organising, directing, managing and controlling the activities of the public bodies.

a government is a public authority or an office which governs the public. public administration deals with all those agencies which are set up by the public to serve their public interest. the government rules over and provides an administration system for non-state bodies in the country. the major aim of the governments is to provide the best services to their citizens by forming plans for economic development, improvement and management of natural resources, security, society and health through taxes, duties and other revenues.


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