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The Sims Complete Collection Patch Fr Stardew

@EAHelp @kiamiasims Hey there, sorry, to hear you are having these issues with The Sims. I checked and the team is looking into this. At this time, we do not know when this work will be completed. Hopefully, it's soon. Please keep an eye on all our channels for updates from the team. -Jake

the sims complete collection patch fr stardew

This is a huge help for sims as a normal part of your game play, good for working sims who disappear off-lot into a rabbit-hole career, great for an active career and for taking your sims out and about off the home lot as they will stay almost completely full and happy for 6 hours. Then only once the moodlet goes does their hunger start to decline at the usual rate.

If your sim likes Fruitcake, it is actually pretty useful. Fruitcake on the first bite gives a Happy+2 moodlet that lasts 4 hours. It only takes sims 4 bites to complete the serving making it a pretty fast meal to eat and fills around 3/4 of the Hunger bar.


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