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Terms & Conditions & Sole Agency Agreement

The Young Talent being 'the Principal' and Mellows Talent Agency UK 'the sole Agent' hereby agree to the following: The Principal agrees that the Agent will attempt to negotiate on their behalf to secure contractual arrangements for their services. When an arrangement has been negotiated and accepted by both Parties, a contract, whether verbal or written then exists.  


We shall be entitled to deduct 


i) commission* at the following rates:


12.5% of all earnings related (but not limited) to:

- All live performance (inc. theatre where payments are at Equity minimum rates, or higher) 


15% of all earnings related (but not limited) to:

- All Television (as that term in understood in with the profession)

- All Film


20% of all earnings related to:

- All Commercials (TV, Web & other Online platforms)

- All Corporate and Training Videos

- All Voiceover and audio work (inc. cast soundtracks)

- Modelling to include print, web & TV

- Personal Appearances (live, streamed or recorded)

- PR & Press Engagements 


ii)​any statutory tax that may be required by Government

iii)​bank charges in relation to funds received on your behalf

iv)​extraordinary expenses incurred on your behalf with your prior consent


* Commission is due on gross incomes both primary and secondary (including but not limited to repeats, royalties, residuals) in nature.  Commission is non-refundable.  Commission is due on all contracts negotiated or carried out under the terms herein in perpetuity.

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